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Equipment Armor, Inc.

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The only field developed, ballistic laboratory tested, and operator approved excavator protection package proven to stop a ½ pound piece of hammer steel at 300 mph.

In March of 2016 initial testing was done on the shield in the ballistic laboratories at Intertek in York, PA. Intertek Laboratories specializes in ballistic testing for government and private industries on a global basis. The engineers at Intertek built an air cannon designed specifically to shoot a ½” piece of hammer steel at the Equipment Armor Shield. The ballistic test for Equipment Armor consisted of shooting two separate shields. Shield #1 was shot four times from speeds of 175 MPH. to 276 MPH. Shield #2 was shot 5 times at speeds of 175 mph. to 300 mph.

The Equipment Armor shields’ design and construction was validated through this process offering protection to operators of hydraulic hammers from projectiles traveling up to 300 MPH.

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Your First Choice, Equipment Armor, Inc.

The only field developed, ballistic laboratory tested, and operator approved excavator protection package proven to stop a ½ pound piece of hammer steel at 300 mph.



The Sub Frame

The Sub-Frame is gusseted on all four corners with oversized welds in each of the interior corners for added strength. In addition to the reinforcement gussets the bottom of the sub-frame is reinforced with a doubler-plate that is designed to withstand the stress and eliminate the fatigue being transferred to the bottom of the frame.





The Shield Frame

As with the Sub Frame all four corners of the Shield Frame have welded gussets for additional strength. The top of the frame is enclosed by a hinged door allowing for simple shield installation/replacement. The shield frame is mounted to the sub-frame by way of 3-barrel hinges that allow for easy removal of the shield frame. The shield frame, once mounted on the barrel hinges, locks into place against the sub-frame utilizing a locking pin and T-handles. The shield frame opens and closes like a door allowing for easy access to the front of the cab.


Custom Brackets

To maintain ROPS certification Equipment Armor developed custom brackets designed to work with individual manufacturers cabs. The brackets bolt directly to the cab bosses and to predrilled holes in the sub-frame allowing for simple installation. For Non-ROPS machines that are lacking cab bosses, Equipment Armor has developed a universal bracket that can be welded directly on to the machine chassis that allows for easy installation of the sub-frame to the cab. Additional support for the top of the cab is achieved through the use of tie rod arms that adjust to the curvature of the individual machine.


The sub frame wrap consists of three pieces of ½” clear polycarbonate that mount on the top, bottom, and boom sides of the Equipment Armor Sub Frame. These pieces provide additional protection to the cab so that airborne projectiles do not enter the area between the cab and the frame and impact the glass windshields. The sub frame wrap bolts directly to the sub-frame through pre-drill holes.


The Equipment Armor Shield sacrificial layer is a high optic sheet of polycarbonate with an abrasion resistant coating. The sacrificial layer slides into the shield frame in front of the shield. The sacrificial layer is capable of doubling the life of a shield in high volume/high impact environments. However, the use of the Sacrificial Layer can lead to accelerated deterioration of the Shield if dirt or moisture is introduced between the shield and the sacrificial layer and is not addressed. The sacrificial layer should only be used where the environment requires additional life of the shield (experiencing shield life less than one year) and there is a dedicated operator on the machine who can recognize when contamination is present.

Why Equipment Armor?

  1. Great visibility/High Optics Polycarbonate - unmatched by other guarding.
  2. Superior Stopping power - UL 752 - Level 1 (9mm) and Level 2 (.357).
  3. Easy to replace shield/ No down time on machine - takes less than 15 minutes.
  4. Hinged shield frame door - allows for easy access to windshield for cleaning.
  5. Maintains ROPS certification on all machines - bolts directly to existing cab bosses.
  6. Easily moved from machine to machine regardless of manufacturer, simply change out mounting brackets.
  7. Easy cleaning with mar-resistant coating simply spray with water.

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