Equipment Armour Ballistics Testing Results

We test and validate our equipment

Current Testing & Validation

Equipment Armor now utilizes UL752 Ballistic Standards for testing protocol. Prior to being introduced into production all shield materials are required to meet UL752 Level 1 – 9mm* and Level 2 - .357* ballistic standards.

Current Testing & Validation

Level 1 - 9mm – Glock 34, 124 grain FMJ at 15 feet/velocity – 1090 fps. Level 2 - .357 – Ruger GP100 – 158 JHP at 15 feet/velocity 1250 fps

Initial Testing - March 2016
initial testing was done on the shield in the ballistic laboratories at Intertek in York, PA. Intertek Laboratories specializes in ballistic testing for government and private industries on a global basis. The engineers at Intertek built an air cannon designed specifically to shoot a ½” piece of hammer steel at the Equipment Armor Shield.
Intertek shot two
separate shields.
Shield #1 was shot four times from speeds of 175 MPH. to 276 MPH. Shield #2 was shot 5 times at speeds of 175 mph. to 300 mph. The Equipment Armor shields’ design and construction was validated through this process offering protection to operators of hydraulic hammers from projectiles traveling up to 300 MPH.

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